Monday, October 3, 2016


Introducing my precious little daughter, Fleur Hendrika Kobus. Born on Tuesday, 13th of September. 
It still is a bit surreal for me to type, my daughter:) I've been quiet over here these past few weeks because this little lady has been taking up my time. I won't complain, as you can see from above, how can you complain when you see this adorable little smile! Fleur's birth story is for another day, lets just say she took her good old time arriving to the world. Me and Mr. Beau are SO grateful to have had family here visiting and to help us out when she arrived. We have been getting adjusted as our little family of four {#siroliveruk included!} and am just trying to find a bit of routine back in my day. Little Fleur has forever changed our life and all in good ways. 

I will be sharing more of our precious little Fleur later, but I wanted to introduce you to her. She makes us smile and lights up our day, even though we are exhausted and tired and not getting much sleep, I now believe what people say about loving this little person so much you can't believe it. 

Thank you to everyone for your sweet congratulations and wishes these past few weeks! 

xoxo Rebecca

Friday, September 9, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 57

It is FRIDAY! I am writing this post way past my due date now and feel like I have been waiting for a bit now. So I am excited to see this Friday come and the weekend because I am hoping that #babygirlkobus will be making her appearance any day now. It is such a nervous but exciting time. I have no idea when she will come so I am just going amongst my day. Hopefully next week I can report to you that my Fancy Friday is one thing, our little lady! For now, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things I have found during the week that I keep my mind off of everything;)  Enjoy the weekend! 

1. Stylist LIVE  - With baby on the way I am starting to look a couple of months out in my diary, things to do and making plans. This event looks like SUCH a fun day out! Who is with me and wants to go? Pop up shops, tastings, talks by some FAB ladies, lets go! 

2. Rocky Racoon  - Ok so I am kind of loving everything this brand makes! I discovered it on Etsy and can not get over how cute the pink dinosaur pattern is and the flamingos, ohhh right and the swans. eeekk. Love it! I may have bought #babygirlkobus a few things from here. Apparel Swan Onesie

3. Belmond British Pullman Train - I know that Mr. Beau and I will have limited date nights coming up these next few months, but how about one being an ULTIMATE date night. How amazing does dinner on this gorgeous train look? This looks like a night to remember! Sister train to the Venice Simplon - Orient - Express, this train looks like it would make one NIGHT TO REMEMBER date night. Hey, I can dream and wish right! 

4. Champagne Ice Cubes - Such an easy thing to make. I will certainly be adding these to my next get together. 

5. Thinking of jazzing up my fall wardrobe and really loving this LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Sequin Floral Crop Jacket So pretty I think to be dressed up or paired with jeans. 

6. I am in the middle of growing out my hair and a swept back messy bun is my go to some days. I love this Loose Low Bun tutorial. 

7. Pregnancy craving I have had, toast. Yummy toasted bread. Recently I have been wanting a good old English Muffin. I loved reading this, that the English Muffin actually isn't English at ALL. Fun little read. Now can someone ship me some Thomas brand nooks and crannies. 

8. This needs to make it into my Fall wardrobe as well. A fancy dressed up sweatshirt. NEXT Embellished Elbow Sweatshirt

9. What a pretty get together this is! And how yummy does this wine look. The Wildest Dream Wines girls get together inspires me for #babygirlkobus 1st birthday, and she is not even here yet! 

Happy weekend everyone! xoxo Rebecca


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Top 3 Local Coffee Shops : London, Highbury & Islington

 Since we moved from the States, almost four years ago,we have lived in the same area of North London from day one. This area of the city has really become to feel like home to us. Our old flat was directly on the nice big park of Highbury Fields and recently we moved about five minutes up the street closer to Highbury High Street. All of Highbury and Islington have some really amazing coffee shops and cafes but over the past few months I have started to favor many of the same ones and have become a repeat customer at a few. Maybe it is that I started my maternity leave a month ago and enjoy ending a long walk with Oliver to get a coffee or the fact that it is nice to get out of the house when you are blogging/working to sit in a coffee shop, either way, I have a few local favorites. Here are my three local London favorite coffee shops in the area. I hope you get a chance to visit! 

Only a few minutes walk from the Highbury/Islington Tube Stop, this small and amazing coffee shop is always busy on weekdays and weekends. The staff is super sweet and always makes you feel welcome. Even Sir Oliver is allowed inside {when on his best behavior} and sometimes gets a treat of banana bread. When we first moved here I would just get a coffee in the morning, until this past year when I discovered that their breakfast and brunch are AMAZING! Oh wow. It may be small, but this little coffee house has some delicious and beautiful items. From their homemade scones to the their pancakes on the weekend, delicious. 
 Bircher Muesli is amazing and so beautiful! 
The Gluten Free porridge is pretty much art, right?

Location: 154 Canonbury Road, London N1 2UP
Hours: M/F 7:30am - 6:00pm and Sat/Sun 9:00am-6:00pm 
Free Wifi : Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes, but always ask incase it is too busy
Instagram: maisondetrecafe

A short walk from the tube on St. Paul's Road, mixed in with a bunch of great restaurants {Trullo, LeCoq, Sawyer & Grey} is this little blast back into a 1970's cafe, Nanna's. Sets of vintage brown sofas, fringed lamps and furniture that remind me of the items my Grampie had in his house, Nanna's is a funky place for a coffee in the area. I love their freshly squeezed juices and pastries personally. Nanna's is also open for dinner but I have yet to try it out, however, their menus looks delicious. 

Toast. Toast. Toast. I have had a thing with yummy thick toast and jam during my pregnancy. Just can't get enough! Toast and a fresh juice are one of my favorites at this coffee shop. 
 Location: 274B ST PAUL'S ROAD N1 2LJ
Hours: M/W 8:00am - 9:00pm, Th/F 8:00am-Late and Sat 9:00am -Late and Sun 9:00am - 9:00pm 
Coffee Served: Vagabond Coffee Roasters
Free Wifi : Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes, but must be on a lead. 
Instagram: nannasn1

So this location is not exactly in Highbury I would say. It is more Arsenal/Finsbury Park area, but to me, it is still in my neighborhood! Less then a 10 minute walk from Highbury on the corner of Mountgrove Road is this adorable Coffee Shop and Cafe and I love it. I often take #siroliveruk on walks to Clissold Park and stop here for an iced coffee and an orange polenta bread or toast after wards. Mr. Beau and I also stop here for brunch on the weekends or for a nice local dinner on Fridays. The cafe has seating outdoors, a small area upstairs that can be hired privately and then small tables throughout. The breakfast menu is full of delicious items and breads baked fresh from Balthazar Bakery daily. From the gold cutlery to the amazing dinner menus, this is a great cafe to stop in for a coffee, lunch or dinner. 
The cafe stocks some really great pantry items and locally sourced food gifts. I think all of these are acceptable to bring to a friend if they are having guests over...bacon jam and wine! 
Cinnamon Apple Challah Bread with a coffee and the sunshine. 
 Iced Coffee and what else....toast! The homemade peanut butter is pretty delicious. 
Their dinner menus change seasonally but are always full of really interesting and fresh items. 

Location: 70 Mountgrove Rd, London N5 2LT
Hours: M/W 9:00am - 7:00pm, Th 9:00am-11:30pm Fri/Sat 9:00am -11:00pm 
and Sun 10:00am - 5:00pm 
Coffee Served: Caravan Coffee Roasters
Free Wifi : Yes
Dog Friendly: During the weekdays and weekend mornings. In the evenings please ask. 
Instagram: Finkssaltandsweet

I hope you try out all of my favorites and enjoy them. Maybe I will see you there one day for a coffee! 

xoxo - Rebecca

*All photos are by Urban Flip Flops. Please do not use without permission. Times above are current to September 2016 and may change per location. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

My New Beauty Loves

It may come as no surprise to you that I absolutely love a good beauty product. Finding that new favorite product that you can't wait to use every day and can not imagine your routine without is great right! Or buying a new lipstick and feeling so fancy and like a brand new person is the best. Over the last few weeks I have found some products that I am absolutely loving and wanted to share with you. I love hearing suggestions from others on what they have found or have started using again and love it, so share please! 

1. H&M Cashmere Haze Body Lotion - Ok, lets be honest, I'm a sucker for packaging. The beauty section at the H&M on Oxford Circus is pretty great. The pacakging on all of their lotions are so pretty and completely caught my attention. It was the Cashmere Haze scent that I really loved at the end of testing out so many. Cashmere Haze is light and not overpowering and leaves a light pretty fragrance behind. 

2. Liz Earle Face Cleanse and Polish - I really liked my other face cleanser I was using but ran out of it and I couldn't buy it anywhere close by so after hearing about this one for so long, I decided to give it a try myself. I have been using it for about two months now, hot water and a cloth and I love that it takes away my makeup and makes my skin feel completely clean. I can see why it has such a huge following. Also, I love that it isn't crazy expensive, bonus. 

3. Redken Quick Tease Backcombing Lift Finishing Spray - Yep, I'm a hair spray girl. From when I was a teenage sporting the Rachel cut, still to this day, I finish my do off with a little spray. I actually received this spray in a gift bag at an event and hadn't used it for ages. Once I started using it I was like, ummm hello, you are great! If you look for a little lift in your roots and also want to finish and hold your hair, this is a great spray to use, highly recommended. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes  - I have long been a fan of waterproof mascara and do still mix it in to my routine, however, recently I have found that I spend forever taking it off. Enter in, this lovely new mascara! I was getting my makeup done at the counter {HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!} and they tried this out on me. I love it because it doesn't flake off, I do not have huge raccoon eyes a few hours later and it comes off easily. Its a really nice full filling mascara. 

5. Essie Gel Couture - I wrote about this last week but wanted to share AGAIN because I loved it. I gave myself a quick manicure and this polish didn't chip for over a week. I can completely see myself using this as a new mom, not a lot of time and I do not need to leave the house. They have a huge range of colors and it really does stay on, I promise. Give it a try! 

6. Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It - This is my latest love. I just started using it and it is great. I do love to blow dry my hair but am realistic with the baby arriving any day, my routine is going to be cut down on time. Some leave in products make your hair crunchy or still a bit frizzy, not this one. I combed this through my hair, twisted a few pieces around my finger and it made my hair soft and let it air dry without using my hair dryer or curling iron. 

Have you found any good products recently? I would love to know!

xoxo Becca


Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy Hour: The Summer Garden Spritzer

 I have to be honest, I miss having a nice cocktail when we go out or as the sun has been shining recently, sitting outside with a nice glass of Rose! But hey, soon enough I will be celebrating with little Lady Kobus and will be able to treat myself to a glass of bubbly, so I will not complain...too much. Over the past nine months I have been mixing up a few mocktails to still feel a bit fancy and have favoured citrusy drinks, elderflower and refreshing cucumber flavours. This past weekend I thought, why not combine all of these flavours and make myself a little end of Summer Spritzer! With flavours from a delicious summer garden, I think that the end combination is refreshing and delicious pregnant or not. Cucumbers, basil, mint, elderflower and lemonade all combined voila, delicious. Top it with a pretty garnish or umbrella and you do not feel like you are missing out too much on a cocktail, or add some gin if you are not pregnant and I bet that would be amazing. Cheers! 
The Summer Garden Spritzer

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1 mocktail 

10 slices of cucumbers {7 to muddle, 3 for garnish}
3 sprigs of fresh mint
3 sprigs of fresh basil
2 tablespoons of Elderflower Cordial {I love the Belvoir range, a huge staple here in the UK}

Muddle 7 cucumbers, mint leaves, basil leaves and elderflower syrup in glass together
Add ice to your liking, crushed, cubed, balls, etc. 
Top with Limonata
Add extra cucumber slices as garnish and enjoy! 

If you liked this post you may like the:  Key Lime Grapefruit Martini, Champagne Pear Cocktail or Rhubarb Lime Popsicle Fizz

Cheers! xoxo Rebecca

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dressing Up The Bump

There were a few times over the last nine months where I had events to attend and just felt like nothing fit....maybe because nothing did! Seven months pregnant and limited options in your closet but you want to look pretty, it isn't easy. I felt like I got to a point in my pregnancy where I was spending so much money on baby stuff that the thought of me spending over £100 for a dress I'd wear once made me angry. Luckily, I do feel that the maternity dress options have come along way since years ago and it was a bit easier to find something that was cute and stylish and I didn't break the bank a crazy amount. I did invest in a nice black tank dress early on during my pregnancy and wished I had bought a few more things from Isabella Oliver because they wore so well. I will write a post at a later time with some of my maternity wardrobe essentials, but today I wanted to share some pretty dresses to wear during your pregnancy if you are attending a wedding, your baby shower, a date night or just want to dress up and feel fabulous. From ASOS, Seraphine, Rachel Pally, searches on Ebay, Pink Blush Maternity and Nordstrom, luckily there are some pretty cute options out there to still make you look and feel fab while you have a growing bump you need to dress.   
1. ASOS Maternity Dress with Floral | 2. Kim & Kai Nell Colorblock Dress | 3. Bodycon Twist ASOS dress | 4. Seraphine Polka Dot Dress | 5. Isabella Oliver Brunswick Maternity  | 6. 

We decided to take some maternity photos after going back and forth a few times and I am so glad that we did. It was such a nice afternoon together and it was fun to get dressed up and celebrate the soon to be arrival of our baby girl. I had found a dress on ASOS that I knew would be perfect for the shoot, but unfortunately the color and size sold out. I didn't want to wear anything short and being eight months pregnant made me want to feel comfortable and not have to wear anything tight. After searching on Ebay for awhile I ended up finding and winning the same sequin dress I loved. I highly recommend looking at Ebay! There are a lot of women out there that buy a pretty dress during their pregnancy, wear it once and want to sell it. Take a search for that special occasion. 

{image by Kylee Yee Photography. More to come soon!} 
{photo from my baby shower via Instagram

My flower dress above I bought on ASOS for less then £20 and wore it to a wedding as well! The dress was stretchy so it was super comfortable to wear for hours over my bump. 

It is isn't easy to be dressing this new body of yours that doesn't fit into the majority of your closet, however after a few months I got use to it and looking for maternity clothes was quite fun. There are not as many options out there as your regular closet but there ARE pretty options out there for ladies with a bump. I hope you like some of my suggestions! 


Happy Shopping!

xoxo Becca

Friday, August 26, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 56

Friday Friday! Wow, I can't believe this Friday has come so quickly. Yep, my due date is this Sunday, so to me it is a questionable Friday, will I have a baby by next Friday or not? The waiting game has begun and every day I think, OK, she could be here soon! I've been keeping pretty busy, taking #siroliveruk on plenty of sunny walks, fixing up the nursery, getting our flat in shape and meeting up with friends. I am excited for the three day weekend in London to have Mr. Beau at home and to relax and watch a lot of Netflix and stay cool inside. Throughout the week I have found a lot of goodies that I have fancied and wanted to share with you. Any exciting plans for you this weekend? Do share! Happy Friday! I hope you have a fancy and fabulous weekend. xoxo Becca

1. Gorgeous Pink Bouquet on Wedding Sparrow oh how I LOVE an overflowing gorgeous bouquet. Isn't this pink one so so pretty. Getting itchy to plan my next flower filled event! 

2. Not much longer until I can make myself a cocktail. These Summer Cocktails look delicious and I may try out one as a virgin recipe this weekend. The cucumber one sounds pretty amazing. 

3. Have you tried this gel at home polish? I was skeptical but am now LOVING it! I chose Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor and have had it on my nails for over a week with no chipping. It is really quick easy and only £12! 

4. I am excited to head to Clipstone Restaurant tomorrow for Saturday brunch. Such a great new London spot. I've been for dinner and its really delicious. A small neighborhood corner spot close to Warren Street. Highly recommended! I'm craving their Watermelon Iced Tea and their flatbreads. 

5. I love finding new recipes! I made this amazing Apple & Almond Bircher Muesli and had it three times for breakfast this week. It is truly delicious! Also this Coconut Soda looks amazingly simple and beautiful, need to try. 

6. Guilty pleasure of mine...James Corden Carpool Karaoke! This new episode of James Cordon & Britney Spears is fantastic, I was laughing out loud during this scene of hit me baby one more time! Lunch break worthy pick me up! 

7. So I tried this pretty lip out yesterday and kind of loved it. Gold Metallic Lip  is easy and shimmery and makes you feel a little fairy like;) 

8. I have started putting together a little Fall Wardrobe Wish List since I've been wearing maternity clothes for 9 months, I'm excited for a few NEW pieces. My eye keeps going to this cute Zara Pink Leather Jacket to layer over leggings and long shirts. What do you think? 

Happy Friday everyone!

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