Thursday, January 19, 2017

Proud To Be An American

What a blog post title, right! Well I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Writing about politics has never been my thing. My blog is a personal space to share the things I love, pretty things, fun things, but I have never been one to really share my views on politics. Back in November when the election went the complete opposite way that I voted I thought about writing, but the days went by and I let it go. Being that tomorrow is the day of the US presidential inauguration, I thought it would be fitting for this post. 
The photo above is from the 2008 inauguration of President Obama. It is one of the most memorable weeks I have had in my professional and personal life. I use to live in Washington D.C. and did events at the Newseum, located right on Pennsylvania Avenue. The night before the inauguration we were lucky enough to host one of the most exciting events for the Huffington Post. The theme was an Inauguration Eve party, party hats and favors were handed out right before midnight when Sting, and Sheryl Crow performed. There was so much excitement that filled the room it was amazing! I was lucky enough to be able to have my sisters there with me to assist. After the event we walked to my friends apartment nearby to spend the night due to crazy security levels in the city. I can remember waking up at 5am hearing the crowds outside her apartment chanting Obama, Obama, it was quite a memory. Later that morning we decided that we were going to do it, be a part of the crowd, bundle up in multiple layers and head down to the mall to be a part of the experience. There were thousands of people around, the streets were closed to traffic, everyone was in such a great mood, it was freezing out, but nobody cared. The energy that the Obamas had brought to the country was electric and you could tell that everyone was full of hope for positive changes. 

After walking to many entry points we finally found a place right by the Washington monument in the centre of thousands of others and listened to President Obama get sworn in. I think I may have shed a tear, it was such a memorable, historic, moving event to witness! Myself, never the big politician, but as a woman in my mid twenties I was so happy that my vote had counted for something and we had someone leading our country in a positive way. I was proud standing there in the mix of children, adults, black, white, Asian, female, male, I was proud to be an American. 
 Flash ahead eight years later and it is not the same. I have lived in London for four and a half years now. To be honest, we have no plans on leaving anytime soon and we are really happy here.  This being said, I may not live in America, but I am still so proud to be an American. Living abroad people often ask me about things going on in the States, they see the awful gun violence on the news and race issues still going on. I always proudly say that it is still such a great country and no matter what the media shows, there are still so many nice people and things there then there are bad. I cast my absentee ballot this year and was so excited to see the first women lead the country ahead, unfortunately,we know, that went the other way. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Out & About With A Baby

I can not believe Fleur is already four months old! Crazy how time is flying! I remember before Fleur was born I envisioned the winter with her, staying inside, at home, all day. Well, now that she is here, that is NOT the case! I was dreading the cold winter days with a baby out and about, however I have come to realize with the right planning and the right stuff, being out in the city is completely doable! It is all about planning your day, nap times, feeding times and making sure you have all of the right stuff with you. Meeting a friend out on the other side of the city is completely an option, however 40 minutes each way means I really have to make sure I have everything with me. I thought I would share a bit about what I bring with me to get Fleur and I out and about! 
 First I thought I would talk about the topic so many people ask me, how did you choose your buggy {or as we say in the States, stroller}. Well we ended up going with the UPPAbaby Vista {1} that has the bassinet and the baby seat. The Vista was for sure one of the largest options we looked at. I went back and forth with getting something smaller like the Bugaboo Bee or the amazingly light and tiny Yoyozen , however with a big dog that we often take on walks in Hampstead Heath and knowing that the buggy was my main form of transportation {we do not have a car} I really wanted something sturdy and secure. We have also used the bassinet for the first four months for Fleur to sleep in. It was one of the only sleep approved bassinets and I am so glad we did and did not buy another item. Yes, it may be a larger buggy to get through some doors around the city, however I am so glad we got it. I can bring Oliver on a walk and stop at the market and stick it all underneath, its great. It isn't cheap, but honestly, it is pretty much like my car right now, it is worth the investment. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Fleur's Little Pink Nursery

We moved into a new flat a few months before Fleur was born. It was a really hot summer in London and being so pregnant I was not the best at unpacking and decorating the flat at that time. The one room I wanted to focus on was the nursery. Even though everyone kept telling me, "All you need is a place to change the baby and a place for the baby to sleep, which for a few months is probably in your room." Well, even though that really was the truth, I wanted to get the room together so it could be the one peaceful spot in our flat where I could bring her to feed and spend time with her throughout the day. It isn't a huge space but it is the perfect space for her. With touches of pink and gold, her room turned out to be a lovely little space for our sweet little girl. 
I made the flower mobile that is above Fleur's bed. The ribbons are a mix of ribbons from my wedding bouquet {and it just happens to look similar to the large wreath that hung over our dinner table at our wedding}. It has only been during the last few weeks that Fleur is actually staring at it and smiling, it is so fun seeing her grow week by week!
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops

I collected the prints below throughout my pregnancy knowing I wanted a gallery wall feature in her room. I love that each print has a special meaning to us. The Sir Oliver bow tie print was a cocktail at our wedding and Fleur's future buddy #siroliveruk. Il Etait Une Fois means Once Upon A Time in French and I hope Fleur grows up with the imagination of a fairytale. I got the print from the lovely Emily at Ever After PressEmma Block painted the pregnant pic of me at West Elm and she also painted the map of London, where Fleur was born. I had a good friend of mine Erin from Berinmade create a print for her that reads. "Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, In that case, you should always be a unicorn.” - Alice in Wonderland which I will forever cherish! The watercolor is from an Etsy artist of peonies because, well, Fleur is a little flower, too easy right! I love the quote, "What if you Fail? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?". that I received at a workshop I attend with Bo Boutique. And lastly I put up a picture from our maternity session with Kylee Yee. I will eventually change it to a picture of us with Fleur but for now I love remembering the time we were waiting for her and that her parents love her VERY much. Not just a bunch of pics because I love them but because I love them and they mean something! Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Her room isn't very big so instead of buying a big changing table we bought a dresser at IKEA that I fancied up with different drawer pulls from Land of Nod. 
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
 I am so in love with the little pink table from West Elm. I'm tempted to put it in the living room but instead lucky girl Fleur gets it in her room. 
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
We rent our flat so I am trying to avoid too many holes in the walls. Instead of a lot of shelves I have placed her collection of books in these pretty silver baskets from West Elm. Eventually I may need some shelves, but for now, these work great. 
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Fleur's collection of headbands and head wraps is growing. They are too pretty to hide so I have to put them out on display! 
One of my favorite pieces in her nursery is "Penny" the flamingo that I found one Sunday morning during our trips to Columbia Flower Market. 
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops
Lucy Davenport - London Blogger - Urban Flip Flops


Photographer: Lucy Davenport 

Flower Mobile - DIY by Me 

Gold giraffe & porcupine - Oh Joy for Target 

Swan Lamp - Laura Ashley 

Silver Baskets - West Elm 

Flower Changing Pad Cover - By Georgia Baby Boutique 

Rocking Chair - Private Floor 

Fleur's headwrap - Julie Dausel 

Flamingo Head: Fiona Walker England 

Monogrammed blanket - Pottery barn baby 

Crib, Dresser, Wardrobe - IKEA 

Bow drawer Knobs - Land of Nod 

Initial pillow - Restoration Hardware Baby 

Fur Pillows - West Elm 

Pink Side Table - West Elm 

Gold Wall Frames - West Elm

Velvet Pillow - West Elm 

Il Etait Une Fois Print - Ever After Press 

Unicorn Print - Berinmade Custom Print

Custom Watercolor and London Map - Emma Block

Flower Watercolor - Cup of Jackie  

Sir Oliver Bow Tie - Make Merry Events 


xoxo - Rebecca

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Blush Christmas

It is no secret that I love a little bit of pink....did you see my Christmas decorations? A pink decorated white tree, hey, I love a little bit of blush! This year when thinking of Christmas ideas, I realized that most of my gift choices just happened to be pink. There has been a big trend in blush colored items and I have to say, I am loving it! I have hardly finished my Christmas shopping but this week I am getting it done! Below is a list of some of my favorite ways to add a bit of pink to your Christmas list this year. I'm thinking I may have some blush items under the tree this year! 

1. Add a little blush to your living room Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover | 2. For those winter chapped lips Rose Lip Polish | 3. A lovely blush pink lady bag Grand Street Kate Spade Handbag | 4.  Keep your head warm with a little pink pom pom Marled Pom Pom Hat | 5. Forget a black or tan fur vest, I LOVE this pink vest Blush Faux Mink Fur Vest | 6. A great pink stocking stuffer Rose Gold Bobbi Pins | 7. A little bit of blush on a locket Locket Pendant Necklace | 8. How cute is this bag that you can monogram? Blush Crossbody Bag | 9. The perfect cup to brighten up your morning Hello Gorgeous Coffee Cup | 10. These glasses are such a nice touch of pink to your next party or dining room table  Pink Cylinder Champagne Glasses | 11. I'm a huge fan of the tassel earring trend and these bush ones are on my list! Mini Gem Pinata Tassel Drop Earrings

xoxo - Rebecca

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Ideas: Personalized Jewelry

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in the past that I'm a huge fan of personalized gifts. My sister gave me a necklace with Fleur's name on it when she was born and I will forever cherish it. Did your friend just have a baby, your wife, your sister? I think getting them a silhouette charm or a personalized pendant is such a nice gift!!! A few of my favorites are below. The tiny brass silhouette necklace is next on my list! Happy shopping! 

xoxo - Rebecca

Friday, December 2, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 58

Friday! Yay! I've been in the States for the past two weeks visiting my family in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been a big break from the hustle and bustle of London and baby Fleur and I are missing Mr. Beau, but it has allowed us a little time to relax a bit more. We have been taking advantage of being able to use my parents car to get around and browse around online a little more then usual while the grandparents cuddle with Fleur. Between black Friday sales and Christmas decorating projects, I have found so many things I have fancied this past week! We are off to do a little shopping with Nana and to get her picture taken with Santa today, oh my! What are you up to? Anything you fancy? 

1. White Flower Rose  - How beautiful is this bouquet! Wintery white, I'm loving it. I would love to incorporate these flowers into an arrangement for the table. 

2. Sparkly Christmas Party  - ummmmm this glittery and sparkly party is a bit of a dream night to me! Glitter all over everything!!!! This looks like a party I need to throw soon. 

3. Cheers Brooch - Very kate spade looking. Talbots is having a sale and this fun brooch is in my basket. 

4.  Babyccino Shopup London - If I was in London this weekend I would be heading to this fun baby/family shopping event. There are so many amazing boutique's attending, 20 minute family photo shoots, activities for kids, so fun! Chelsea Old Town Hall December 4th & 5th 

5. Studio DY cookies - I absolutely LOVE these cookies and the idea of making ornaments to look like them sound amazing. 

6. Grace & Thorn Christmas Wreath Class - Next week the London based florist Grace & Thorn is holding a wreath class. Even if you do not have a front door, you could create a fun wreath for your living room wall. Sign up on the link above. 

7. Dinner in an Igloo by the Thames. This place is looking really fun for a night out! 

8. Sugar Paper Target  - I've got a little bit of an obsession with this new line at Tarjay. Since I've been back in the States I think I have stopped by for some blush and gold metallic items at least four times..... why can't they sell this in London! So in love. 

HAPPY FRIDAY! xoxo Rebecca

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lessons of Being a New Mum

I want to start this post by saying I am in NO means an expert on babies and being a mom. I am 11 weeks into having little Fleur in our lives and I truly believe that every day brings a new lesson on being a mom, every day brings something different. I have learned quickly that there is not a manual on being the perfect mom. Perfect? What is perfect really when raising a little baby? Does someone have that manual being printed soon? ha! 

I do think I have learned a few things over the past few weeks about life with a new baby and being a first time mom. Lots of people ask me often how my labor was, how am I doing with sleep, am I finding time for myself, etc. I am not always great on taking my own advice but am truly trying every day to get better at it in my new role as a mum and thought I would share the few lessons I have learned.
 Be Ready To Go Off Your Plan 
I spent a lot of time staying healthy and exercising throughout my pregnancy. I had all intentions to have Fleur naturally and had spent a lot of time mentally and physically preparing for her birth, I had a plan. Well, our little lady didn't want to come out and I ended up experiencing every step of labor. I was induced,  I had contractions for hours and was fully dilated, I pushed for two hours and after three days in the hospital the doctors decided I needed to have an emergency c-section and was whisked into the emergency room {or as they call it in London, theatre}. Our baby Fleur arrived 15 minutes later after three days of sleepless tiring nights, this was certainly not my plan. I did not expect to have a c-section, but really just wanted what was good for me and the baby, so prepare yourself for that a bit. The idea of my water breaking at home, calling a taxi and having the baby two hours later did not happen for me like in the movies and I'm fine with that. Prepare yourself a bit for the other options of what may happen, I wished I had mentally considered if I had to have a c-section. 

Not only is the labor process something that I may not have expected as much but also just the day to day life with a newborn is something you may not be prepared for. As a professional planner, planning events and constantly living on a schedule, life with a newborn and trying to create a plan and schedule for her was something I struggled to accept at first may not happen! Babies eat, sleep, poop, cry, giggle and sleep and eat throughout their day. The first few weeks were really hard to realize that this was not a plan I could control. We had friends stop by to visit at what I thought was a good time and Fleur wouldn't stop crying, that wasn't the plan, but I realized that it was what it was and now 11 weeks in,  I realize that every day. You can start to plan for the day but don't be surprised if as you are running out the door you need to change their extremely messy diaper which takes twenty minutes longer then you planned or they are crying and so hungry and it makes you late to your appointment you had planned. Life in the early weeks of baby life really go according to their little schedule of what they have planned....too bad they can't verbally share it with us;) 
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